D day…..Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Has anybody in your family ever had leukemia?  We ran some tests and it confirms you have leukemia.  We are transferring you by ambulance in a few minutes to Winnipeg to start chemo immediately.  We have to hurry because they need a bone biopsy asap because the lab closes for the weekend very soon.

It went something like that.  And I can recall the girl next to me who was crying like a baby because her gallbladder had to be removed.  And I mean seriously I had come in with double pneumonia, pain in my spleen and even the morphine wasn’t cutting my pain.  Did I cry? Nope!  Did I whine? Nope!  When the doctors came to give me this news I had a life threatening illness it got suddenly very quiet in the room…….I thought yeah!!!!! Fuck you gallbladder girl….want my fucking diagnoses?!!!! I’ll trade you!

This is when my life took a complete 360.  All I could think of was how much time do I have left and I how am I going to tell my family I’m going to die because anyone I knew that had leukemia, died.



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