Loss of hair…..

My last night with my hair.  I was so scared.  My hubby surprised me & shaved his head with me. And then I embraced my new look….my mom bought me new earrings for my new look.


Look…..besides your teeth people see your hair.  I get it.  From start of treatment you may have a week before your hair starts falling out.

I made the choice to shave my head because I wanted to look like one hell of a bad ass motha effer if I was going to win this war.  I did NOT lose my hair to the cancer or chemo…..yet.  Besides, the chemical warfare SMELL comes out in your sweat (from the fevers), which leads to smelly hair, smelly skin, smelly urine……basically your body will try to get rid of these toxic chemicals.  Sorry to be blunt, but ur better off just shaving ur head.  Besides it will keep things nice and clean or tidy while you live in your room under a microscope for hopefully only a month.

JUST SHAVE IT OFF!  Let it go!  Trust me, trust the process!  Bald is beautiful.

I didn’t always look this good……there will be other pix, when I lost the stubbed hair.  That was a really hard day…..to me that meant I really had cancer.



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