Inflammation! Inflammation! Read all about it

A few years before I was diagnosed with cancer, I believe I had physical symptomatic warnings.  I let full time nursing school go, and my full time (yes full time) job as a massage therapist go to casual.  I had to work during nursing school as I was in survival mode with no support system for school……just a tad stupid…..but I tried to make it work so that I could take my last 2 years of school off…..I almost made it.

Anyway I learned the hard way.  After I left school within days I developed huge hives everywhere & I could not get out of bed.  I was absolutely exhausted.  This was just the beginning of me learning about autoimmune disease, which I was diagnosed with from an allergy specialist.  I also know that once your body has this kind of heightend inflammatory process, it doesn’t take much for your body to hate you and react!

If anyone knows allergies, it’s definitely me.  My body freaks out right away if I have certain food items, around certain pets, or medications.  During the two years before I got sick with leukemia, my throat closed (anaphylactic) at least 20 times, maybe more.

The medications I had to take to survive…..prednisone, benadryl, epinephrine, reactine, & ranitidine…..after awhile they also took havoc on my body, and left me feeling like complete shit.  That’s when I found hot yoga.  I was renting a room for my massage therapy business and my friend Todd Miller mentioned I should start practicing.  I thought he was crazy.  Hives are hot & they hurt real bad.  I was thinking like a nurse when I thought usually you put ice on swelling, not the opposite by adding more heat!  But I tried so many alternative therapies & the medications were just making me sicker, so I figured what the hell do I have to lose.

I practiced every single day for 30 days.  It hurt like fucking hell.  It was hard.  I cried almost every single class.  After a week my hives went completely away, my skin cleared from the edema (swelling),  and I started to feel so good.

I practiced Bikram style yoga.  26 postures & 2 breathing exercises in a room heated at 105 degrees and 40% humidity.  I was all about this healing yoga and NOT the man who created it!

I currently practice in Winnipeg, MB at

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