Best gifts to give to a chemo patient….

#1 Suckers! As in lollipops! for the win!

I really appreciated all the flowers too!  A book & pen so we can write things down due to chemo brain fog.  Plus I had everyone who came to visit sign their name & write something to me.  My finance bought me a himalayan salt lamp for my room because I couldn’t sleep in the dark.  And of course I loved my cards.  Mom got me a really cute fedora hat.  I hated wigs, refused to wear them….they were tight, itchy, & hot!

The huge amounts of chocolates & cookies I received, were super good for my nurses lol and visitors when I could see people.  Otherwise I was not eating at all, I was nauseated & throwing up all the time. Suckers were good to keep my mouth moist and help that god awful metallic taste in my mouth from the chemo and drugs.



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