My name is Billie.  Leukemia survivor. Utilizing my journey to help inspire others cope & recover.  I’m officially tying the knot with my soulmate very soon as we had a little hiccup in life (you know that whole cancer thang) that postponed our wedding.  I’m a bunny mom to Alice & Lucy, both female lion head X’s, and cage free!  I’m a registered massage therapist, ex student nurse,  I dabble with a bit of fashion & love home decorating.  I love essential oils, educating people on medical marijuana, getting my hair did, travelling to the west coast, & drinking espresso.  I used to practice bikram yoga religiously & even became a bikram yoga teacher a year before I got diagnosed with leukemia.  After my cancer fight, I’ve been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and anxiety.

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