What I learned about myself….

I can sure take one hell of an ass kicking.....in all areas, physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually.  Let me get up close & personal here for a bit.  In my opinion, we ALL have that warrior spirit.  It's just a matter of time when, how, & where it will be enticed. Let me be clear.... Continue Reading →

Tough Cookie

"A person who can endure physical or mental hardship; a hardened, strong-willed person." During my first round, the most aggressive round, all the harsh chemo chemicals had started taking a toll on me physically & mentally. My family looked horrified each time I would contact them through face time.  I was white as a ghost,... Continue Reading →

Loss of hair…..

My last night with my hair.  I was so scared.  My hubby surprised me & shaved his head with me. And then I embraced my new look....my mom bought me new earrings for my new look.                                   ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Look.....besides... Continue Reading →

WTF is Leukemia?

It is a blood cancer.  Starts in the bone marrow, where your cells are produced.  There is a high number of white blood cells that basically eat your red blood cells. Why is this bad? Red blood cells, primary function is to transport oxygen to the lungs.  Platelets, help blood clot.  White blood cells, help protect against... Continue Reading →

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